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Ricky Martin Foundation campaign against Human Trafficking

One of the main goals of Ricky Martin Foundation is to fight against children exploitation and human trafficking, a modern slavery which affects thousands of children and young people around the world. Knowing that the main problem is the lack of awareness of people about this crime. We have created an initiative that allows us to reach many people through his friends and contacts on social networks.

Using the foundation icon “Tau”, we created albums on the Facebook Fan Page Ricky Martin Foundation where people could find images related to the fight against Human Trafficking. Users could tag themselves on this images and download it to use it as a profile picture . Also users can tag their friends to help spread the message.

The initiative has been very successful among the fans and has take the message to new audiences that finds the RMF icon through their own contacts. We hoped to many people join the RMF´s Social networks in order to support the cause.