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Campaign with “Una sonrisa”

“Una sonrisa” (one smile) is Jaime Kohen´s new single, from his album “Fotosíntesis”. An online campaign expectation was developed using the song “Una sonrisa”.

The campaign began with a contest, which invites Kohen´s fans to send to the web team pictures of them smiling. We received more than 300 fan photos and we transformed them into a video of gratitude to all of Kohen’s fans. Jaime Kohen and the winners, who were the special guests, helped making the “Una sonrisa” video, the Mexican singer selected the winning photos.

However, the photo contest was not the only initiative that kept the expectations alive. On Facebook we shared a photo session of “making of the video” followed by Jaime Kohen singing via twitcam. His number of followers reached an outstanding 11,000. We reached our goal and now Jaime Kohen has more than 11,000 followers.

In order to promote the video release an online sale was launched, where fans must use the Hashtag #yopidoaJKenradio (I ask Jaime Kohen on radio) requesting Kohens “Una sonrisa”, the follower with the most hashtags, would win the sweater Kohen used in the video “Alguien”.

To finish off the campaign a countdown timer was installed on a Facebook tab and on Kohen’s official web site. The timer reached zero and the video was launched, we will continue to keep our fans involved.