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Who doesn’t want a Samsung Smartphone?

Each week Samsung challenges their fans, where they can demonstrate their mental and physical skills using the best apps in order to win a great reward, a Galaxy 550.

The Twitter account @Soy550 informed the online community with notes about design, film, events and music festivals such as Estéro Picnic and Vive Latino. Gaining more than 550 followers in one month and more than 10,000 visits in the official site.

After sharing many smartphone applications, we discovered that the majority of our followers prefer photo apps.The most common app used among followers was the vintage cameras, which offer the option of different filters for instant photo. Retro camera is the most world wide used app, a diverse camera, which allows taking Polaroid, Olga or Barbl style pictures.

Entertainment apps like Angry Birds, Androidify and Paper Toss have proven to be one of the reasons why users worldwide are still in the smartphone wave.

More than a hundred people participating per challenge, this initiative has proved that people are willing to become active members of social network and they know the benefits of being part of it. If you want to join the contest to win a Samsung Galaxy 550, please visit www.soyel550.com and follow the Twitter account @soy550.