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Ricky Martin Foundation

On June 3 the Ricky Martin Foundation launched its 3rd annual fundraising golf tournament to benefit the youth. The goal of this event was to raise funds to build an integral center of prevention and development for children. The center will open in 2012 in Loiza, Puerto Rico.

The promotion for this tournament was primarily done via social networking. Since the beginning of March we announced the tournament in the foundation’s official social network sites. The support of Ricky Martin’s networks and the Web Team’s Twitter account, allowed us to reach out to fans all over the world to inform them of the tournament fundraiser.

We provided weekly updates regarding the tournament, and shortly before the tournament we sent out e-blast notifications to invite and remind all fans to register and participate in the golf tournament.

In addition we searched for support from golf associations, U.S. and Puerto Rican news media, and sponsors who promoted the tournament via Twitter.

In the last few weeks we have kept the social networks updated via videos and pictures of the event, which had more than 100 participants, including Ricky Martin and the actor Amaury Nolasco.

We have received positive feedback from fans and supporters of the RMF (Ricky Martin Foundation). The foundation´s fan page has increased by 6,000 followers, an increase of almost 50% within 3 months. Moreover, each time there are more Ricky fans contributing via daily tweets promoting the foundation and sharing the content we publish in the social networks.