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Nelly Furtado announced details of new album

After much expectation from her fans and the music industry, Nelly revealed that her new album is set for release by next summer! Her fans from all around the world were ecstatic to know that she will be promoting it on tour for at least two years. 

This album follows her Spanish language record “Mi Plan” and it seems Nelly is not abandoning her Latin side: she told her fans via Twitter she was listening to her latest track with renowed singer-songwriter and producer Tommy Torres. We are sure that her new material will be as innovative and exciting as everything Nelly does.

 That is why her fans are already guessing what her new sound will be like: how many songs in English and in Spanish will it have? Will it resemble any of her previous albums or will it take a completely different direction? Will Nelstars everywhere be able dance to it and also be inspired? For now, Nelly let them know that her new work has evolved from “Lifestyle”, the name she had set for it. 

We are beyond thrilled to be able to watch Nelly come out with fresh music, conquer new fans and amaze everyone one more time. That´s purely Nelly: always keeping us on our toes.