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Luis Enrique at the Latin Grammy Street Party

On November 6, Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique offered a show to more than 25,000 fans who attended the city of Hailea, Florida, and sang each of his songs with the best Latin flavor of the artist.

This is the 9th anniversary celebrating the show prior to the Latin Grammy in Las Vegas; it was an event produced by the Academy of Latin Music and Univision, among others. Among the artists who accompanied Luis Enrique are "Los 3 de la Habana" and "Gocho". After the presentation Luis Enrique finished his show with the words: “It was a pleasure to participate in these festivities that the Academy offers to begin to heat engines on eve of this great night which recognizes the talent within the Latin Music Industry. I had a great time and I was proud to receive the affection of all my Latino brothers gathered there. Hialeah clapped and danced my show, what else can I ask.” The Nicaraguan singer is promoting his latest production label "Soy and Seré", which has allowed sharing with United States fans and audiences at the international level. Significantly, the hits “Dame de tu boca” and “Locos los dos” were in Puerto Rico Top song and the Hashtag #Yonosemañana was trending topic in Mexico during the last week of October.