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Luis Enrique, the number one fan of moms.

In the month of May, mothers who follow the Latin artist, Luis Enrique, got a nice surprise on their day.

It all began with a contest on the first days of May; each fan of Luis Enrique had to post their favorite picture with their mom on Facebook. At the end of the month the picture with the most Facebook likes was the winner

Renato Vargas was the winner. His picture had around 200 likes and Luis Enrique gave an unforgettable call to his mother. Luis Enrique wished her a Happy Mothers Day and sang a part of his well known song “Yo no sé mañana”. Lilly, the winning mother, was very surprised and of course thanked Luis Enrique for a wonderful mothers gift.

It’s amazing to see how social networks can reach fans to their favorite artists, and Lilly is living proof of this.

Recently, Luis Enrique launched his new video from his latest hit “Dame de tu boca” (watch the video here.

On June 19thhe will be releasing his new record album “Soy y sere”. Stick around because Luis Enrique has many surprises for his fans on his social networks