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It begins with you. You can be a warrior of light.

For several weeks an expectation campaign was launched to convey followers of the Ricky Martin Foundation to register their email address in www.guerrerosdeluz.org.

Today, November 11, 2011 is the day where it will be revealed what this initiative is all about and to begin to give some clues you can see a video in which a series of figures highlight the magnitude of the problem of trafficking and exploitation of children and people in the world. The objective is to keep the cause active and make it visible with complaints. To promote these actions is characteristic of both Ricky Martin and his foundation and the best strategy is to include ordinary people to make them more and more aware. This is why in the video Ricky Martin describes what is to be a Warrior of Light: "…is defined by his honor, his courage, and our aim is to make justice and find peace for those who have lost their freedom, you're a Warrior of Light and I am counting on you."