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Avaya evolves to the social media

Avaya, a global company leading Enterprise communications, has a clear understanding that these days social networks take an important place on everyday life. Therefore the social networks become the new medias, which should point unified communications strategies of any company, and of course, of Avaya.

In the top America region meeting event of Avaya, Avaya Evolutions, a giant effort to take live online stream to the web community. The numbers endorsed this great initiative. In the latest Avaya Evolutions in Mexico there were more than 2,600 tweets using the hashtag #AvayaEvolutions, there were more than 1,300 interactions from the official twitter account @Avaya_Latam, and more than 500 viewers watched the live stream on Ustream.

They took into consideration the users who want to keep watching the event live, so they developed a microsite, which integrates tweets, posts on Facebook, an online broadcasting via Ustream, and a panel where each user could ask questions to the speakers and receive answers at the end of the conferences.

Coming soon, in the Dominican Republic’s Evolution event, you will see better products through the means of Avaya’s social networks.