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Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona is one of the most famous Guatemalan singer and composer with more than 27 years of musical career.  He has been recognized because of the unique lyrics from his own composition which are mostly pop and ballad music.  His prominent songs, like Mujeres, Si el norte fuera el sur, Historia de taxi, Marta, Vida and more, has faithful listeners around the world. Recently, Arjona won a Billboard Award thanks to his 5to Piso Tour.

His latest project “Poquita ropa” , released a movie called as the record on the “A & E” latin tv channel, a life and love story narrated by Arjona, in the film production he tell to the audience through his songs the life of the characthers.

Have worked with the Guatemalan composer, gave us valuable projects to share with you; our team contributed high impact ideas in order to achieve a growing online presence of Ricardo Arjona.




Remembering Ricardo Arjona’s career through his famous videos.

After the film success “Poquita Ropa” on HBO Latin and A&E channels, we decided to put together good memories to the Arjona Community, and what better way to reach this goal then by playing the best of Ricardo Arjona´s music videos. Some of them included “El problema”, ”Mujeres”, “Historias de taxi”, “Si el norte fuera el sur” and his best hit “Poquita ropa”, from his recent album.