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Jaime Kohen

Kohen was born on September 9th 1986 in Mexico City. Since childhood he bended towards art in all of it forms. His creativity & sensibility have always been manifested. Music has always walked with him in his life, trough his voice he can freely express what’s on his soul. 

Later on, discovering the piano and the guitar, allowed Jaime to develop his capacity as a song-writer and composer. This lead him to decide dedicating his life to music, cause trough her, he can reflect about his life experience and share it directly and personally with the world.

Social networks have helped Jaime Kohen on international music industry, succeeding in creating fan clubs all over Latin America in places such as, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Brazil. AR Solutions each weel developed strategies to manteined active the community.


Jaime Kohen on your city 

jaime kohen facebook tab "regala fotosintesis"

Compatibility couple with “Una Sonrisa” song




Campaign with “Una sonrisa”

“Una sonrisa” (one smile) is Jaime Kohen´s new single, from his album “Fotosíntesis”. An online campaign expectation was developed using the song “Una sonrisa”.