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Digiway - Samsung

Founded 70 years ago, Samsung is one of the most recognized companies in South Korea and worldwide. Recognized for its high levels of export business development and various areas of technology: from cell phones, appliances, televisions, cameras and video cameras, computers and home appliances to financial services and heavy industry.

In 2009, after a large increase in sales Samsung became in 2010 the largest global technology company. Also managed to position itself in the 1st place in worldwide market share for 13 of its products and today continues innovating in each of his lines to continue as a leader of the market and giving the best to the customers.

For a multi-national company is important to mantein direct contact with their consumers and potential clients. Create strategies with clear goals, stunning visual designs and keep motivate the online community have been part of AR Solutions work plan to achieve the goals and objectives of the Corean company.


Samsung Challenge

Androidízate Samsung Contest

Samsung Semillero- Content Management




Who doesn’t want a Samsung Smartphone?

Each week Samsung challenges their fans, where they can demonstrate their mental and physical skills using the best apps in order to win a great reward, a Galaxy 550.




Samsung football match.

Samsung football match.On June 1st there was a Samsung event with the Colombian foundation “Semillero Samsung”, which supports amateur football. The Samsung Cup finale, a football indoor match between Samsungs top market distributors.