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Global leader and telecommunications business expert, this company present products and services that help its partnerships around the world to be more productive, reduce costs and take care of their clients. Developing software and hardware Avaya offers contact centers, data solutions and more services to lead your business to improvement and competitiveness with solutions according to the size your needs.

Together with the company leader in corporate communications, we implemented our social media marketing creating a new point of begenning. We builded with Avaya their comunnity, joining the online conversations of the communication Industry. We have maintained the community active, supporting other communication spaces like Avaya Blog and the online coverage of the Avaya Evolutions on different cities around the world like Mexico DF and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).


avaya evolutions facebook tab

avaya facebook - game

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Avaya Spain buys Sipera




Social networks and the Avaya Evolutions : three and counting

Broadcats an event through social networks is not easy, neither broadcasts an Avaya Evolutions, the most important enterprise communicactions event for the region.




Avaya evolves to the social media

Avaya, a global company leading Enterprise communications, has a clear understanding that these days social networks take an important place on everyday life. Therefore the social networks become the new medias, which should point unified communications strategies of any company, and of course, of Avaya.