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Adammo, Peruvian rock band, formed by four talented young artists, Ezio Oliva (vocals), Nicholas Cáceres (guitar), Renzo Bravo (bass and chorus) and Diego Ubierna (drums). They became a recognized and famous band after win “Bandas de Garaje” (Garage bands), hosted by the Peruvian radio station “Studio 92”; the band was selected among 200 bands musicians from all over the country. They have shared stage with international bands such as Camila, Belanova, Beyonce and Backstreet Boys.

Winners of MTV best new artist award on 2009; they took to home the award from the prestigious Asociación Peruana de Autores y Compositores, APDAYC (The Peruvian Association of authors and composers). The Associaction 0n 2011 also gave to the band the award of Best Pop Rock Artist of the Year. However is their nomination on the Latin Grammy Awards on the “mejor video corto” (Best short Video) what has made Adammo is considered one of the best latin rock bands of today.

AR Solutions now is one of the members of Adammo´s digital team and together we have achieved:

  • Twitter Account verification (@AdammoBand): On a virtual world where million of people admires bands, you better make sure of following the official account of your favorite artists.

  • Supportive actions for online voting on radioacktiva.com: 3 weeks in a row on the number one place, requested by their fans of Colombian radio station specialized on rock: Radioacktiva.


Twitter Official Account management

adammo #1 en colombia - Picmail